ErrDaisha J. Floyd

ErrDaisha is a junior at Columbia University studying Sociology and Education Studies and is in the process of being certified to teach middle school social studies by the time she graduates. She herself is a student of abolition, an organizer in both New York City and her home community of Tampa, Florida. She is explicitly anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, a feminist, and all of her work and ideology is grounded in the liberation of Black people. Across all of her social media accounts is the proclamation that her platforms are USA Hate accounts, it is written in her bio on both Twitter and Instagram that she is anti all systems of domination exploitation, and oppression. 

That is exactly how intersectional environmentalism fits into ErrDaishas activism and community organizing. Although she began organizing at 17, initially becoming involved in voting rights for felons in Tampa, she learned quickly, through abolition, the interconnectedness of all oppression. She beautifully stated in conversation that “The way we have made domination of one another a logic or a norm, that is built on the domination of nature and the planet.” Being anti-domination and anti-exploitation also has to include advocacy against the exploitation and domination of the planet at large. 

For her, in her work, the biggst part of the journey is the process of unlearning the systems of oppression we have internalized and constantly continuing in the journey of relearning. What does it mean to learn? It is a mind-body-soul experience to her. The process of spiritual activism, a lesser talked about aspect of organizing, involving actually taking the time to be centered and grounded and to re-learn the relationship with the body outside of systems of oppression. Her next goal within her own personal journey is to continue to learn through community by fostering a more interactive environment on all of her social media accounts, and youtube channel. 

All of her socials and cashapp are linked below! Reach out, watch her videos, and join in on her lives and workshops on abolitionist thought and mindfulness. 

Cash app – $ErrDaishaF 

Instagram – @errdaisha 

Twitter – @errdaisha 

Youtube- Dear Diary of a Mad Black Woman

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